Mythos Machine

Create Your Own World Anywhere!


Elthos RPG is a rules-light system designed for fast, fun and exciting game play. The rules are thoroughly supported by The Mythos Machine Web Application.


The Mythos Machine gives you the freedom to create any kind of World you can imagine, and populate it with whatever Races, Cultures, Equipment, Places, Campaigns and Adventures you wish. It does the grunt work, and leaves the creativity safely in your own hands where it belongs.


The Mythos Machine is a highly customizable RPG Framework that allows you to configure your World any way you want, and allows you and your players to access it Online anytime.

the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine

Elthos is a magically distilled and incredibly flexible Role Playing Game for Gamemasters who want to create their own Worlds. The Rules are designed for fast action light-weight games that minimize the grunt work and maximize the creativity. The Mythos Machine is a Web Application that supports Elthos RPG with comprehensive set of Game Prep services that are based exactly on the Elthos Rules, so there is no need for the Gamemaster to create macros or figure out how to integrate the system with their game. All it asks is that you feed it with your fantastic imagination. Players can use the Mythos Machine as well to Generate Characters in their Gamemaster's Worlds, and maintain the ongoing histories of their Characters and Adventures. The Elthos Rules and the Mythos Machine combine to provide Gamemasters an elegant and well structured environment for creating Worlds and recording game stories. Start creating your World today!