Legal Documentation - Elthos Attribution Policy


Mythos Machine Web Application (and any components thereof) and Elthos Rules Book (the “Works”) are originally created and published by Elthos and are licensed in accordance with our Terms of Service and can be freely used (under terms of the Terms of Service license) if properly attributed. In order to properly attribute the Works you must respect ALL the terms below:

• you must provide credit to Elthos;

• you must provide the URL to the license, so others can find out the license terms; and

• provide the URL where the Work is hosted and provide the original title of the Works.

The above described rules apply for online and offline attribution (use).

Every single Work, whether online or offline, that is used has to be attributed in the above-described way. If more than one worked is used, each has to be attributed in accordance with this Attribution Policy.

Attribution notation should look like:

“This product was developed in whole or in part using the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine at”, or appropriate equivalent.

If you are unsure about proper attribution you should contact us at or

PO BOX 346
Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY

In Addition, it is recommended and requested that when using Publically Shared Works from the Mythos Machine in any derivative works (such as books, movies, games, etc) of other creators on the site, that you provide an Attribution of their user name in your works. 

Attribution should look like:

"This product has utilized Publically Shared Works by <UserName>, <UserName> and <UserName> from the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine at", or appropriate equivalent.