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Elthos is a magically distilled and incredibly flexible Role Playing Game for Gamemasters who want to create their own Worlds. The Rules are designed for fast action light-weight games that minimize the grunt work and maximize the creativity. The Mythos Machine is a Web Application that supports Elthos RPG with comprehensive set of Game Prep services that are based exactly on the Elthos Rules, so there is no need for the Gamemaster to create macros or figure out how to integrate the system with their game. All it asks is that you feed it with your fantastic imagination. Players can use the Mythos Machine as well to Generate Characters in their Gamemaster's Worlds, and maintain the ongoing histories of their Characters and Adventures. The Elthos Rules and the Mythos Machine combine to provide Gamemasters an elegant and well structured environment for creating Worlds and recording game stories. Start creating your World today!


The Elthos RPG is a light-weight Role Playing Game system for fast and exciting game play. The Mythos Machine is a ‘Next Gen’ Web Application that fully integrates the Elthos RPG Rules. With the Mythos Machine building your own Worlds, and your Game Prep, are vastly simplified. The combination makes the life of the RPG enthusiast smoother, easier and more elegant.


The Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine gives Gamemasters the freedom to create any kind of World, and populate it with whatever ingenious Races, Cultures, Equipment, Places, Campaigns and Adventures you can imagine. It does the grunt work, and leaves the creativity safely in your own hands, where it belongs! With it you can add your fabulous ideas to your World from anywhere you happen to be.


The Elthos System is highly customizable, allowing you to configure your Worlds any way you want, creating your own internal rules for weapons, armors, skills, powers and much more. You can customize the mechanics of your Worlds in dozens of ways, enabling you to obtain the play style you prefer. You can create anything, and shape your World’s internal rules so that they work any way you want them to.

Greetings Elthosians!

Sorry but the site is temporarily offline for new and existing users while I refactor the code for the subscription system. It is too complicated and I want it to be robust and reliable. I will simplify it, re-test, and then put the site back online for you. Sorry for the delay, but ... it will be a far better and more trustworthy system when I'm finished refactoring. You'll appreciate it later. Honest.

... or you can join the Ongoing Free Open Beta if you want to test the system out in a non-production environment to give it the once over, kick the tires, and see if you like the thing before you join the Live system. You could even create whole Worlds there if you want to, although, you should remember that the Beta System is not inherently stable...  So if you want a really solid and permanent World, then this is the place to be. But the Open Beta is great for trying out all the features, seeing the benefits, and getting the idea of how the thing works! Also, please join us on Discord to ask questions and contribute your ideas!

Mythos Machine Open Beta

Elthos RPG Discord

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