The Elthos Tarot

A Deck of Elthosian Tarot Cards

Keys to the Cosmological Map

Art Design By Jason Moser
Concept Design By Mark Abrams

Back Face

The Fool (0)

The Magician (1)

The High Priestess (2)

The Empress (3)

The Emperor (4)

The Hierophant (5)

The Lovers (6)

The Chariot (7)

Strength (8)

The Hermit (9)

The Wheel of Fortune (10)

Justice (11)

The Hanged Man (12)

Death (13)

Temperence (14)

The Devil (15)

The Tower (16)

The Star (17)

The Moon (18)

The Sun (19)

Judgement (20)

The World (21)

The Unicorn (22)

The Dragon (23)

About the Elthos Tarot Deck:

The Elthos Tarot Deck is used to help maintain mystical aspects of the Elthos World Back Story.  There are a series of correspondences related to each of the cards that are shown in the imagery where appropriate.  Those correspondences include plants, flowers, trees, animals, creatures, fish, and items, among other things.

The Elthos Tarot Deck also includes two new Tarot Cards in order to round out the system and make it symetrical.  These are the Dragon and Unicorn cards, which can be used like wild cards. 

The Circles with the symbols on the bottom of each card show a Hebrew letter and Rune, as well as the constellations and planets associated to that particular card, with the primary correspondence being the upper most glyphs in the circle.  Cards with the Planet glyphs on the top of the circle are cards associated to Planetary, or Younger Elkron, while the cards that have the Zodiac sign at the top and the planet beneath are cards associated to the Elder Celestial Elkron.   Each card is also associated to an Archetype, which corresponds to that card's Tarot imagery.

More information regarding the Elthos Tarot Deck and the mechanics that get used with the deck will be published on the website when it becomes available.  You will also be able to order a physical Elthos Tarot Deck when the details of that arrangement are worked out with the publisher.